The Key on Selecting the Most Common Numbers in Online Roulette

The Key on Selecting the Most Common Numbers in Online Roulette

In total, online roulette numbers on the American wheel is 38 and that in the European wheel is 37. So, what makes the difference? The key point of difference lies in the fact that in the American Version of roulette adds a double zero. This helps in increasing the edge of the casino house.  The key on selecting the most common numbers in online roulette will be a great help.

On the other hand, The European Version of roulette which is considered as the original version doesn’t have the double zero feature. No matter what amount you bet on, the elimination will keep the house edge of 2.7%. This is even lower than the 5.26 that you will find in an American roulette casino. This means, if the edge remains the same, no matter what you bet there is no easy way to split bets.

You will not be able to hit every single number even if you spin the wheel 37 or 38 times. So, naturally the question arises, do certain number hit the most in online roulette? Below is the perfect answer to your query.

The Key on Selecting the Most Common Numbers in Online Roulette

Like many other games in an casino game online in Asia, roulette is the one which has a little amount of superstition involved in it. Regular gamblers are already well aware of the common numbers, but novice players wish to know which numbers are hot and which are cold. Moreover, they are also confused by the fact whether even or odd and red and black is on a roll.

Some online casinos are there that offers you a detailed guide for playing online roulette. They even display the four hot as well as cold numbers on a tote board. Moreover, you will also get a guide about the latest percentage of odd or even and black or red winning.

The tote in an online casino is much more in depth than compared to a land based casino. This is because; in a land based casino it is not possible for the dealer to track the percentage like that of a computer.

The Key on Selecting the Most Common Numbers in Online Roulette
The Key on Selecting the Most Common Numbers in Online Roulette

Know the popular numbers

The most popular and promising roulette number is 17 which sits right in the middle of the table. This number is a hot favorite of betters who believes that the ball will end up hitting the sweet spot. When you are glancing over the roulette, you are sure to get drawn towards the numbers 23 and 24. For some obvious reason, another lucky number is 7 which is once again a hot favorite of seasoned gamblers.

So, the next time you decide for playing live dealer casino, look how others are playing. Based on the four numbers mentioned above, you might spot an experienced player and learn a lot from him.

Stay away from unpopular numbers

You might have an inclination for a certain number depending upon some special issue, but you need to remember that unpopular betting numbers actually exists. One such least played betting number is 13. As far as roulette is concerned, zero is not a hero. The location of this number seems to be almost detached from the roulette board which makes gamblers stay away from it. The number 6 is also an unpopular choice of online roulette players. Experienced roulette players consider 34 as an unlucky. However, some people are of the opinion that they were successful on betting it.

Now that you are well aware about the popular and unpopular numbers on a roulette table, decided your bet accordingly. In case you are not confident enough in playing online roulette, begin with less tough games like online free bet baccarat, soccer betting, etc.

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